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What is AJITS all about?

AJITS (Appointment Just in Time System) is a Practice patient management system that solved the waiting time problem in a doctor’s practice, clinic and hospitals, while extensively improving the quality of the operation and the patient experience.

With an intelligent optimized appointment book that automatically adjust the appointment treatment times to the average speed of the doctor, patient can expect to save up to 50% waiting time. By using the included “Just in time” appointments, patients can expect to even save up to 90% waiting time.

The software brings with many extra futures to make the general flow in the practice professional and optimized. It frees up the assistant time, it keeps the patients informed and lets the doctor know in which room the next patients is. 

AJITS is the most advanced and most efficient practice patient management system available on the market today.

AJITS comprises of seven main comprehensive modular systems:

  • the Online Patient Appointment Portal (OPAP).
  • Patient Doctor App
  • Check-in Module
  • Patient Appointment Book,
  • Just In Time Calling System,
  • Waiting Room Organizer,
  • Consultation Room Module or App

Online Patient Appointment Portal

The Online Patient Appointment Portal is a gateway for Patients to book their own appointments at their own convenient times and in their own comforts.

Be it at 2:00 am, because your child woke up in the night with high fever, coughing etc. or at 3:00 pm and needs a appointment with the doctor at 5:00 or 6:00 pm, you simply login to choose the available appointment that fits you or your someone else in your family. Whether a regular, or a Just in Time Appointment, the choice lies solely with you. Do you want attendance from a specific Doctor? That´s no problem with OPAP; for with AJITS, the Patient (customer) is indeed the king!

Test OPAP, use e-mail address english@ajits.net, and password : ajits-english to login

Patient Doctor App

We develop for each Doctor his own app, which is downloaded and used by his patients. Every patient can then open this doctor’s appointment book and with one click place a call to the front-desk of the doctor’s practice.

An Android example of this app can be found here.

Check-in Module

The Check-in system runs on a Tablet PC's which have a touch screen interface.

The check-in system makes it very easy for the patients to sign in to the waiting room, once they arrived at the doctors office. There are two different modes for checking in. The patient can either simply swipe his/her medical card or type in his/her name via the touch screen to check-in.

Appointment Book

This electronic Patient Appointment book is by far one of the most advanced appointment books available today in the market place.

The purpose of this electronic Patient’s Appointment Book is to manage and regulate patient’s appointments, to provide a clear overview of all working days at hand and to provide an in-depth improvement of the daily traffic, as well as a thorough enhancement of the day’s workflow!

Just in Time Caller

The Just in Time CALLER is a background modulation that runs on a local server and communicates via phone, SMS or e-mail.

The JIT Caller searches the appointment planner for recurring appointments to be created. It sends out confirmations for created appointments, reminders for approaching pending appointments and Just In Time calls for patients to assume their appointments.

The JIT Caller also creates list of weeks / monthly working schedule for the personnel and sends them out per e-mail to them.

Waiting Room Distributer

As its name denotes, the Waiting Room Organizer organizes and allocates patients to their respective consultation, service and treatment rooms, and if required also to the reception.

Are doctor’s assistants occupied? Patients are not affected! Waiting room time drastically reduced? Doctor’s assistants practically released!

Consultation Room Module

The consultation room module, as its name denotes, is designed purposely for rooms where patient's medical attendances take place:
  • Navigates doctor / assistants to their next patients.
  • Informs doctor / assistants about their next patients.

Provides daily patient statistics, i.e. total number of patients in the practice, number of patients in waiting room, number of patients still expected for the day, number of patients already attended to, estimated time left for closure for the day and much more..

Provides means for doctor / assistants, irrespective of location within the practice, to order or rather request for further/future treatment for the said patient.

Enables doctor / assistants, irrespective of location within the practice, to relocate patients internally for further treatment (ECG, blood test etc., after which the system then returns him back to consultant.

Enables doctor to communicate directly via Task Manager to the assistants at the front desk to add additional tasks, assignment, reminders etc. for the following working day. These tasks / reminders will appear on the appointment book for the assistants to see.

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