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In a multimedia age, everyday tasks in practices should also be able to be completed with two or three clicks. Communication between doctors and MFAs or between staff and patients, for example.
AJITS provides you with the tools:
The doctor wants to give his MFAs an order or the MFAs have an urgent matter? The communication between doctors and MFAs is improved with the AJITS task manager and the AJITS appointment calendar. Doctors and MFAs can communicate with each other on the spot and can be reached throughout the practice.
Communication between MFAs and patients is simplified with the AJITS Messenger and the AJITS appointment calendar. A patient should come to the registration again from the waiting room? The MFAs would have to reach the patient at home to clarify a concern? With AJITS you can send out pre-prepared communication texts for a wide variety of occasions with just a few clicks.

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