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AJITS solves the waiting time problem!
Appointment Just in Time System is a revolutionary new way to run a practice, a clinic or a hospital waiting room. It truly solves the waiting time problem for the patient and the staff!
Best Innovation for patients and staff!
The entire activities in the practice is perfectly structured and well organized, everything runs quietly and smoothly - AJITS advances the quality of the doctor’s office!
AJITS is the Future!
Patients save waiting time, Doctors save up to one hour per day and the assistant up to two hours per day. This makes AJITS a win win solution for every practice!

Appointment Just in Time System

AJITS is an efficient and professional patient and personnel management software package.

In modern practices, clinics and hospitals, patient’s medical data is well stored and managed by many different medical software tools (EMR systems). However, in the area of managing patient’s appointments, there is a huge deficiency. AJITS® system supplements this deficiency, and comes out buoyantly in managing doctor’s, as well as assistant’s appointments, their respective shifts and holiday’s schedules. Due to its user-friendly configuration and flexible performance, AJITS® system adapts easily to any existing medical software and operates trouble free alongside. AJITS® a must have for every practice, clinic and hospital!

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What makes our software so unique?

A comprehensive tool for tracking all time related activities in the practice, which in turn also provides a practical means for an effective time management; thereby enhancing the overall quality of patient’s care and doctor’s / assistant’s attendance.

Patients do not have to sit in waiting rooms for hours any more. They can use their time more effectively until the Just In Time caller gives them a call. Doctor’s assistants do not have to spend time anymore on managing patients and doctors activities in the practice. AJITS® takes care of this time consuming part of everyday practice life and many more potential and practical benefits.

What does AJITS bring to your practice?

Reduces waiting time up to 90%

Reduces the patient waiting time in the doctors practice up to 90%

Informs the patients in real-time.

Patients are all the time informed, where they need to be and how long before the doctor is with them.

Assistant and Doctors saves time

Allows time savings of up to two hours for the doctors assistant and up to an hour for the doctor

Reduces potential transfer of sickness

By reducing the close contact between patients and the time they spend waiting in the practice.

Overview of the practice at all times.

Gives the staff a complete overview of the practice at all times.

Improves communication in practice

Good communication between staff and patient reduces stress situation.

Quality management improvement

Allows new quality management through all encompassing time recording

Relaxed working atmosphere

Creates a relaxed working atmosphere and a pleasant visit to the practice

It is a real cost saving solution for the practice

It is a real cost saving solution for the practice

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